Annette R. Brent


Life Coach for Women, Motivational Speaker, Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Ground Shaker. Survivor

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Annette Brent is a Certified Transformational, Spiritual, Intuitive Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Motivator and Motivational Speaker.

Her clients have come from all walks of life and particularly the LGBTQ community. She has been an ardent follower of Personal Development for 30 years and has been on the pathway of empowerment and inspiration all of her life.

For nearly a decade, she has helped raise the awareness and self-worth of thousands of people worldwide. She has addressed the full spectrum of transformation: helping people heal from past hurt, raising self-esteem, coming to terms with sexual identity & coming out, facing homophobia, discrimination, depression, relationships and grief.

She believes that by looking back into our past and taking the time to heal what is "broken", feeding our spirits from the inside, we can heal our lives on the outside and move into the amazing future that awaits all of us. That is where true freedom and power lies. She is also available for presentations, workshops and retreats.

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