With Every E-Coaching Course you receive the following

1) A chapter delivered weekly to you via email and mp3 format for your added convenience.

2) A weekly video from me.

3) A private virtual vision board collaboration

4) A month’s worth of affirmations delivered to you via MP3

$49 – 4 Week E-Coaching

Week 1: Discover WHY you’ve been going around in circles and not moving towards your goal.

Week 2: Re-Discover your excitement and passion for your goal and possibly even new ones! You will also discover if your goals are still up-to-date or whether you’ve outgrown them. If so, we’ll update your goals and your vision!

Week 3: The Secrets to Quickly Manifesting your goals – the missing pieces.

Week 4: Visualize It & Stay on Track with your own Monitoring System!


$49 – 4 Week E-Coaching

Week 1: Identify the Naysayers, Haters and Judges in your life who are causing you stress and gain increased clarity on what keeps the cycle going.

Week 2: Come to terms with your own thoughts and beliefs that perpetuate the drama.

Week 3: Learn how to respond from a position of power and truth and take your power back.

Week 4: Discover how to heal your wounds, give yourself the compassion and forgiveness you deserve and strengthen yourself energetically.

Pleasing Everyone at the Price of Losing Yourself.

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”
― Ian Wallace

WEEK 1: Addressing the feeling of needing approval from everybody and whether that is even a realistic expectation.

WEEK 2: The risk and reward of not being liked or understood by everyone.

WEEK 3: Developing a regimen of self-care that brings you into balance and puts you first.

WEEK 4: Practice makes perfect! Identifying and overcoming the need to please everyone is put into action!

$49 – 4 Week E-Coaching

WEEK 1: The Cost of your anger – mentally, physically and emotionally and spiritually.

WEEK 2: Let it out! How to vent in ways that begin the process of healing and help you shift into transformation.

WEEK 3: Creating a customized self-care program that brings you into harmony and better equipped to deal with the source of your anger in a more positive and healthy way.

WEEK 4: Learning how to communicate in ways which you will be heard and let go of the need to be understood or find agreement so that you can heal and move forward in your life.


Memories of abandonment can haunt you for a very long time.
$49 – 4 Week E-Coaching

Week 1: Uncovering the root of your feelings of abandonment.

Week 2: Look at the anatomy of your abandonment. Increase your awareness of triggers in your life and how you respond when faced with those triggers. How do your feelings of abandonment affect you, your behavior, your reactions to people and situations?

Week 3: Explore abandonment on a deeper level. Experience the power that comes from finally confronting those feelings that have long tormented you in the past.

Week 4: Here is where you begin to let go the past and start to see just how it feels to let go with love and stand in your own power. For the first time, feel what it can be like to love unconditionally and the peace that comes along with it.


$49 – 4 Week E-Coaching

Week 1: You will explore the feelings that you have about standing up for yourself and speaking your truth. Gain more clarity about the fear and other obstacles that you encounter whenever you think about standing up for yourself.

Week 2: We will work together on intention. The intention is the catalyst for inspiration and change. But it can also be the source of problematic, dead-end conversations. When your intention is clear you have a better chance at have an authentically centered conversation, anchored in truth and resulting in clarity and healing.

Week 3: You will get a chance to role play and connect with your Inner Protector. Through creative and fun exercises – you will get opportunities to transform your experience of how it can feel when you take a stand in your life.

Week 4: Learn how to release your attachment to the outcome and avoid being emotionally invested and stuck. You will experience living in your own power as a result of having stood up and spoken your truth.

$49 – 4 Week E-Coaching

WEEK 1: Release the truth about the relationship. The good, the bad and the ugly will be revealed, without worrying about being judged or criticized. No matter how long you’ve been feeling whatever you feel or how many times everyone has said get over it – this will be an opportunity to unload it all.

WEEK 2: Begin to see the truth about your parents and examine who you have become today.

WEEK 3: Change the relationship you have with your parent(s) (regardless of whether they are alive today or not)

WEEK 4: Begin to transform your perception of your parent-child experience through your own adult eyes. Engage in exercises which will cause a positive shift in your identity.